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Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Whole roasted cauliflower, a great vegan alternative for the holidays, special occasions or everyday cooking. It’s a delicious side or main dish.

Portobello Steaks

Portobello Steaks

These juicy portabello mushroom steaks are ready in 25 minutes and can be made with only 7 ingredients for a delicious and healthy meal.

Really Healthy Flour Galettes

Galettes, or Breton galette, is the name given in most French crêperies to savoury buckwheat flour pancakes. These are then filled with a variety of fillings, both savoury and sweet.

Vegetable and Bean Chilli

Add your favourite beans to a spicy tomato sauce with chunks of courgette, mushrooms, etc. Serve with a baked sweet potato for the perfect accompaniment.

Chicken ‘Zuchetti’

Delicious pasta dish without the starchy pasta - 'zuchetti' strips are a tasty and healthy alternative.

Squash with Quinoa, Sage and Goat’s Cheese

This is a tasty meal that’s relatively easy to prepare. Butternut squash is a better replacement for starchy foods such as potatoes, while quinoa is a healthy alternative to rice. Serve with salad for a healthy dinner.

Greek Salad

This is a delicious dish either on its own or as a simple starter. You might want to replace the feta cheese with goats cheese.