Cuisine: Budget-Diets

Grilled Salmon With Mashed Beans and Pesto

Grilled Salmon With Mashed Beans And Pesto

This easy to prepare dish of Salmon, Beans and Pesto makes for a tasty and nutritious dinner. Ideal for nourishing your health and hormones.

Vegan Protein Bars Recipe: Specially for Diabetes Patients

Here comes Toosum Vegan Protein Bars Recipe for diabetics. Fuel your body with this easy vegan protein bars low sugar recipe. Just give a quick read!

Fish in Green Sauce

Fish is an important part of diet for its protein value and omega fatty acid content – especially for diabetics. Green sauce adds a tangy note to it and makes a delicious meal when served hot with vegetable salad!

Creamy Curried Vegetables

A warming blend of tasty veg and chickpeas cooked in indian spices and served with your choice of quinoa, spinach or buckwheat noodles.

Vegetable Soup

Nutritious and tasty, this vegetable soup contains all the nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, and minerals) and delicious flavor that you need for good heath. Get well and stay well eating this soup. Nutritionists recommend homemade, gently cooked vegetable soup to boast immunity. Really Healthy Foods in combination with proper supplements are necessary to bring you back to good health and are key to living a healthy life and recovering from illness.

This soup is perfect for children and babies, athletes and professionals, people with cancers, peoples with poor digestion, families and individuals – it is versatile, easy to prepare, and full of nutrients making it the perfect meal for all types of people.

When putting together this recipe be sure to use as many vegetables as you can get a hold of in your kitchen. A good variation of colours (reds, greens, yellows, purples, etc) will make for a full flavor and large nutrient profile.

Make a big pan of soup to last you each week. Make it, refrigerate it, and you’ve got a quick lunch or dinner all week long.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

These can be served at breakfast with eggs and spinach, or at lunch or dinner with your choice of greens.