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Roasted Banana Coconut Ice Cream

Yields1 Serving

 4 and a half bananas sliced into 1″ pieces
 2 chopped dates
 1 tbsp vanilla extract
 2 tbsps coconut oil
 13 and a 1/2 ozs. coconut milk

1. Place the bananas and dates into a 7 x 11″ baking dish


2. Drizzle with the coconut oil and the vanilla extract


3. Bake in the oven at 375f/190c for 35-45 minutes until the bananas begin caramelizing and their smell is fragrant


4. Place the banana and the coconut into a blender and puree until smooth using the highest setting


5. Place the mixture into an ice cream maker and then freeze according to the directions


6. Top the ice cream with berries or nuts. Serve and enjoy!