Freshly Juiced Veggies and Fruit

Starting your day with a glass of nutrient-packed juice is perfect.
Freshly juiced vegetables and fruit are easily digested by your body and quickly absorbed, making this a very efficient way to get lots of nutrients into your body to kickstart your day.

Use a juicer to make your favourite combination from a range of organic vegetables such as celery, cucumber, kale, broccoli, spinach and fruits like apples and citrus.
Adding flavours like ginger, fennel, etc, ensures no end of flavour possibilities!

Here are some healthy juicing tips:

  • Be sure to add plenty of vegetables to your juice ingredients to balance the sugar content of fruits and increase the range of vitamins and minerals.
  • Organic produce is always best, and you do not need to peel organic ingredients such as carrots.
  • If you can’t always find organic produce, be sure to wash produce thoroughly and peel ingredients like carrots and cucumbers.
  • Put aside any preconceptions you may have and experiment with flavours and ingredients! Even if you don’t love the flavour of one healthy ingredient, it is easily masked in a juice!

Here are a few of our favourite juices:

Green Juice Boost

1 inch slice pineapple | 1 apple | 1 inch broccoli stem | 1 small handful kale | 1 handful spinach | 1/2 stick celery | 1/4inch piece ginger | 1inch slice cucumber | 1 small handful watercress | small amount fresh parsley (omit if you have kidney problems or are pregnant) | thin slice of lime or lemon
Juice all the ingredients and drink!
You can also blend the juiced ingredients with half an avocado for even more nutrition power.

Orange Super Juice

1 carrot | 1 orange | 1 apple | 1/2 stick celery | 1/2 courgette | thin slice lime if liked | piece fresh ginger if liked
Juice all the ingredients and drink!

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