Delicious Chilled Vegetable Soup

This is the perfect summer soup to enjoy when the weather gets warm. It is raw, creamy, and full of nutrients to rejuvenate you at the midday. As with any vegetable recipe, feel free to choose from our list of high nutrient to achieve your desired flavor combination.

Trying different varieties of vegetables with this recipe is a great way to blend new flavors and try something new each time. Another vary the flavor of this soup is to experiment with different garnishes such as fresh chopped herbs, cheeses from goat and sheep’s milk, freshly diced tomatoes or red onions, etc. The possibilities for flavor and nutrients are endless in this wonderful easy to make soup.

Vegetable Soup

Nutritious and tasty, this vegetable soup contains all the nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, and minerals) and delicious flavor that you need for good heath. Get well and stay well eating this soup. Nutritionists recommend homemade, gently cooked vegetable soup to boast immunity. Really Healthy Foods in combination with proper supplements are necessary to bring you back to good health and are key to living a healthy life and recovering from illness.

This soup is perfect for children and babies, athletes and professionals, people with cancers, peoples with poor digestion, families and individuals – it is versatile, easy to prepare, and full of nutrients making it the perfect meal for all types of people.

When putting together this recipe be sure to use as many vegetables as you can get a hold of in your kitchen. A good variation of colours (reds, greens, yellows, purples, etc) will make for a full flavor and large nutrient profile.

Make a big pan of soup to last you each week. Make it, refrigerate it, and you’ve got a quick lunch or dinner all week long.

Cauliflower Leek Soup

Thai Pumpkin Soup

Instead of carving your pumpkin this October, eat it! With added kick this is Asian-inspired soup is a winner.

Pump Up Your Greens – Creamed Soup

Get that ever valuable in take of greens in one yummy sitting. Perfect for those chilly Autumn nights.

Smoky Vegan Black Bean Soup

Vegetables are packed with many vitamins and minerals and make for a healthy and hearty soup to serve as lunch or dinner.