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Zucchini and Squash KabobsAn easy to prepare recipe with Zucchini and Yellow Squash makes these tasty vegan keto Kabobs - ready to eat from the grill in 15-20 minutes.
Vegan Grilled Tofu SkewersEasy to prepare, gluten-free and low-carb, these vegan grilled Tofu Skewers can be ready to eat in a few minutes.
Whole Roasted CauliflowerWhole roasted cauliflower, a great vegan alternative for the holidays, special occasions or everyday cooking. It’s a delicious side or main dish.
Portobello SteaksThese juicy portabello mushroom steaks are ready in 25 minutes and can be made with only 7 ingredients for a delicious and healthy meal. I’ve only made this recipe using oil, but I think it should work using vegetable stock instead of oil. If you can’t find portobello mushrooms, you could use other types of mushrooms, although I think they won’t have the same texture, which is similar to beef steaks. Lemon juice can be replaced by lemon juice or vinegar. Feel free to add your favorite spices and herbs.
Really Healthy Flour GalettesGalettes, or Breton galette, is the name given in most French crêperies to savoury buckwheat flour pancakes. These are then filled with a variety of fillings, both savoury and sweet.
Vegetable and Bean ChilliAdd your favourite beans to a spicy tomato sauce with chunks of courgette, mushrooms, etc. Serve with a baked sweet potato for the perfect accompaniment.
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