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  • Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

    Over the past 30 years food sources, education, and eating habits have lead to the most dangerous and expensive medical conditions of our day. In 2010, ‘Diet-Related Diseases’ have become the biggest killers in America with an estimated 66% of the population in the United States as technically Obese. In this video Jamie Oliver, Chief […]

  • Salt

    Good or Bad… Learn why salt is one of the “Basics of Human Life and Human Health”. Salt? Yes, sea salt not junk salt. Watch this video and learn what salt to eat, why to eat it, and which kind of salt to add to your diet. You will be surprised at what you did […]

  • Robert on ABC 15 (Phoenix)

    Robert explaining Really Healthy Foods and the Garden of Eden Food Pyramid on morning news in Phoenix.