Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

Over the past 30 years food sources, education, and eating habits have lead to the most dangerous and expensive medical conditions of our day. In 2010, ‘Diet-Related Diseases’ have become the biggest killers in America with an estimated 66% of the population in the United States as technically Obese.

In this video Jamie Oliver, Chief and 2010 TED Prize Winner, speaks of the eminent need to change the way Americans eats for the sake of this current generation and the generations to come. Oliver calls for everyone to take responsibility of their actions and influences especially in regards to the food we are creating and the tragedy brought about by our ignorance of the foods (essentially non-foods) we eat. Oliver specifically addresses the fast-food industry, big label food companies, government, school systems, and parents to educate themselves and make giant steps to revamp how our nations food industry works, how foods are labeled, and how children are educated and fed at home and in schools.

According to Oliver, the last four generations of Americans have created foods and non-foods alike that are essentially shortening the life expectancy of the current generation by 10 years. We must start making changes in the main street, home, and schools in order to save ourselves from what we eat, how we eat, and our high potential to die from what we ingest.

In America, 1 person dies every 4 minutes due to the foods they eat. Food-Related diseases are preventable disease. In an effort to maintain Good Health we must be aware of what we put into our bodies with specific notice to the foods that sustain us everyday. Jamie Oliver has started various projects in schools and communities to teach others of this importance.

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