Really Healthy Oats and Banana Smoothie


August 2, 2016

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Add all the ingredients to a liquidiser, blend until smooth and frothy

Pour the smoothie into a glass and serve


1/2 cup Really Healthy Oats

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 cup chopped banana

2 tbsp flax seeds

a few ice cubes


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Margaret Mankiewicz

June 18, 2017

Delectable,and I have been doing this for about 30 + yrs….often adding another fruit to the 1/2 banana!
Easy to carry around, as I start the morning routine! NOW….more important lay, I also, MUST tell you that over the last 9 yrs, the Blockbuster All CLear Serrapeptase has cleared my carotid arteries , coronary arteries, and extreme varicosities are diminishing in Size week by week! Amazing to see the difference! Also MUST mention that the Standard Process Cardiac protocol of WHOLE FOOD based B vitamins , enzymes, minerals, etc., recommended by Dr Bruce West in California, has eliminated my Atrial Fibrillation, the CHF caused by a Rx Med ( MULTAQ) and improved my sloppy Mitral valve by better than 50% with just ONE YR of following the protocol !!! I am a VERY retired nurse, who got smart about the inadequacies of prescription meds a long time ago , as they treat only Symptoms …Not causes /deficiencies !
Thanks to both you gentlemen for providing me with cures from nature !

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