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Keto Red Coconut CurryAn aromatic and vegetarian red coconut curry with broccoli florets and spinach. Makes for a healthy and delicious ketogenic dinner option.
Spicy Grilled EggplantA delicious summer side dish that's cooked on the grill with red pepper sauce, parsley and mint to flavour.
Italian Garbanzo Bean SoupThis delicious tomato-based garbanzo bean soup is full of vegetables along with fennel seed for enhanced flavour. Vegan friendly and gluten-free, this tasty soup makes for a healthy lunch option.
Spicy Roasted Edamame BeansThis roasted edamame is served with a fragrant chili oil made with mala spices. You’ll taste nutty and spicy flavors in this addictive appetizer.
Kale SaladA simple kale salad, easy to prepare and delicious to eat on the go. Made with chickpeas, almonds, avocado and a simple salad dressing.
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